Erica Hua Fletcher, PhD

Dr. Fletcher is a mental health services researcher at the VA of Greater Los Angeles. Her research focuses on peer-involved interventions, mental health social movements, and Mad/disability studies. She has worked on adapting the Hearing Voices support group approach for Veterans with serious mental health diagnoses (PI: Kalofonos) since 2020, as a part of her postdoctoral fellowship with VA/UCLA Center of Excellence for Veteran Resilience and Recovery. Prior to this, she conducted ethnographic research on peer respites in county mental health systems and on peer-led support groups in community settings. She has also taught courses in medical anthropology and developed community health service-learning opportunities for undergraduates at UCLA, UC Irvine, and the University of Houston Honors College. She received her Ph.D. in Medical Humanities with a focus on Social Medicine from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.